January 2017 Rotation

Rotations are one of those things everyone talks about but not everyone practices.  Unless you have all your fields written and a rotation planned for at least the next 5 years or at least the length of the rotation on that field, then you are not rotating but simply working fields.   To know your rotation, take the number of acres that you can rotate and divide it by the number of years in your rotation.  For example: if you work 480 acres and use a 3 corn 5 hay rotation, your rotation is in an 8 year cycle.  480 divided by 8 = 60 acres in each step of the cycle.  That means if you are not seeding down 60 acres/year, you are not rotating.  If you only seed down 30 acres a year you don’t have a rotation, but sequential monoculture because your rotation cycle is 16 years.  Different land groups can have different rotations.

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