Agricultural Research: Reliable, Statistically Replicated, and Unbiased

Agricultural research conducted by Advanced Ag SystemsAdvanced Ag Systems conducts contract research in a private/public partnership working in close cooperation with researchers at Cornell University, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and other colleges. The result is reliable, statistically replicated, and unbiased research from which you can make sound management decisions. Research can be conducted in a secure research site, or on – farm with cooperating farmers. If you wish, non-disclosure is a normal part of the research. Research subject matter encompasses a wide range of forages, forage nutrition, and bio-industrial crops.

Current Research Projects:

  • Winter Triticale for High Quality Forage (Private Company & CCE)
  • Double Crop Corn/Winter Forage (Private Company & CCE)
  • Impact of Population on Short Season Corn Yield and Quality (Private Company & CCE)
  • Sorghum Species for Double Crop in Cool Climates (Private Company & CCE)
  • Same Day Haylage from Red Clover (New York Farm Viability Institute & CCE)
  • Castor Bio-oil Variety Trial (Texas Tech University and Cornell Experiment Station)

Recent Projects:

  • Drying Rate of Conventional and Hybrid Alfalfa (Private Company)
  • Castorbean Oil for Biofuel (New York Farm Viability Institute)
  • Switchgrass Biomass Variety Trial (Cornell University)
  • Manure for Starter Nitrogen on Field Corn (Cornell University and on-farm )
  • Aeration Incorporation of Manure for Nitrogen Conservation (Cornell University and on-farm)
  • Sulfur needs of Alfalfa (Cornell University)
  • Slow Release N for Corn (Cornell University)