Agricultural Seminars & Educational Opportunities

Agricultural seminars conducted by Advanced Ag SystemsCustomized Training and Education For You, Your Staff, Your Customers

Available for your audience are dynamic presentations based on replicated research integrated in real farm experiences from over 34 years of Extension work. These seminars have been given at a wide range of venues such as Cornell Nutrition Conference; World Dairy Expo, Pennsylvania Forage Conference, Canadian Certified Crop Advisors Conference, Manitoba Forage Conference and to numerous groups of farmers and sales representatives from Indiana to Maine. All aspects of the soil/crop/dairy system are available for presentations.

Subjects include but not limited to:

Winter Forage: for quality dairy forage; high yielding straw production; organic grain production; part of comprehensive double crop opportunity for well drained and less than ideally drained Northern soils.

Wide Swath Haylage: all aspects of Mr. Kilcer’s research that revolutionized how haylage is made for dairy cows. Increase milk producing ability of forage by 300 lbs/ton of dry matter

Innovations in Conservation Tillage: the use of aerators for primary tillage and seedings; aerators to conserve manure N; deep zone tillage to increase yield potential;

Brown Mid-Rib Sorghum Species Research: BMR short season Sorghum, BMR Sorghum Sudan grass, or BMR Sudangrass for double crop rotations; as alternative to corn silage, as energy crops for organic farms.

Whole Farm Approach to Dairy in the Northeast: a systematic look at management of soils, crop choices, storage, and feeding of dairy cows; how to optimize each part of the system for your farm, your soils, and your resources.

High Forage Diets for Profit & Nutrient Management: the Northeast’s competitive advantage is forages. How to harvest, store and feed diets greater than 65% forage while maintaining high milk production and components to put your farm in a world competitive position

Growing Dairy Nutrition: comprehensive look at the steps critical to high production and profit through high forage diets.

Optimizing Manure in Rotated Crop Systems: achieving the most profit from nutrients in you manure in a complete dairy system

Castor as Premier Oil Producer: The latest research on producing bio oil in the northeast.  Best management practices for high yields.