July 2020 Short Forage, Fall Oats, Winter Forage

Each year, someone, somewhere, ends the growing season short on forage.  There are many more this year.  For much of New England, the major part of NY, PA, and Ohio the dry conditions are continuing as the jet stream tends to not move for extended periods during the present solar minimum we are experiencing.    One area gets dumped on while the other goes begging for water. This has impacted the second (and some areas the first) cutting.  Hay crop yields are reported to be down 30 to 40%.  The extended days with temperature over 85 F can decrease corn silage yields as corn stops growing above that and we have had many days that fit that picture.  Added to it the dry conditions and the potential is for corn yields both be down and later maturity as the corn stopped growing for extended days this summer.  It is nearly the beginning of August, and you need to identify how much feed you need and what will supply that.  There are still a few options open for last chance forage this year.  There are also steps you can take this fall to get very early forage next spring when you run out of haylage.

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