August 2016 Increase yield this fall

What You Do This Fall Can:

  • Increase dry matter harvested/acre by 25 – 35%
  • Harvest 6 to 10 tons/acre of high quality silage before spring grasses or legumes are ready.
  • Increase corn yields in tilled ground the next year by 7.2% to 12.3% and in no-tilled ground by 8.5% to 16.8% (Van Es et al 2016).
  • Produce forage that supports the very specific diet of the high and fresh cows.
  • Have forage that farmers and nutritionists report keeps the cows milking in hot weather.
  • Reduce winter and perennial weeds pressure by competition
  • Capture $30 to $50/acre of leftover soil nitrogen that would have been lost to the environment and convert this to useable protein for your animals (NYFVI research).
  • Improved soil health for long term yield increases and the ability to produce in adverse weather.

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