May 2024 BMR Male Sterile Sorghum: Breakthrough Energy Forage

BMR Male Sterile Forage Sorghum:

a Breakthrough Energy Crop

On-going field research data is giving increasing proof to the advantages of BMR male sterile forage sorghum as a replacement for corn silage.  Multiple replicated trials with proper nutrient-enhancing delayed harvest, were conducted in several states.  The data found the crop has the ability to produce at less cost, nearly the same milk as corn silage but with better components. Conventional dairy farms are finding that it is 90% cheaper for the seed to grow sorghum than corn silage and that is before we factor in all the fungicide sprays we have to put on corn but not sorghum.  Corn stops growing at 85F, while sorghum grows to 105F – you get more growth out of the season.  Deer hide in it and come out to eat the neighbors’ corn.  Its natural prussic acid wipes out corn rootworms so corn can be planted the next year after without damage.  It is direct harvested with one cut and with no grain you don’t have to expend extra cost and fuel for processing.

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