Jan 2021 Sorghum Alt. Mgt.

The past two issues we highlighted some research that failed spectacularly.  This issue will focus on research in progress that did work and has tremendous potential for high quality dairy forage across much of the northeast and central US and parts of Canada.

We got into this project because winter forage acres need to be planted early (2 weeks before wheat for grain) for high yield and soil protection, but this directly reduces the corn season.  There is no short-season BMR corn.  Short season BMR sorghum has been tested and produces high yields and quality to replace corn silage. My research, documented by Dr. Chase (Professor Emeritus, Dairy Nutrition, Cornell), found that with proper balancing, BMR sorghum sp. can produce the same milk as corn silage.  Work at Miner Institute on BMR sorghum-Sudan also documented the same milk production as corn silage but with higher components and greater feed conversion efficiency

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